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The green Beans supplied by us are of a rich green color. These green beans are firm yet tender and retain their freshness till they are consumed. Full of flavor beans are used in the world over in various cuisines.
Group: Haricot bean
Brinjal Seed
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Our clients can avail high yielding quality of Brinjal Seeds in compliance with international quality standards. These seeds are highly appreciated for their high nutritional value, early maturity and excellent quality and quantity productivity.
Group: Aubergine seeds
Vegetable Seeds
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We offer high quality Onion seeds, okra seeds, chilli seeds, etc. ,
Group: Vegetable seeds
Ridge Gourd Seeds
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Vigorously and uniformly growing variety with good yield potential. Fruits are long slender, attractive green coloured.
Group: Pumpkin seeds
Tomato Seeds
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It is of immense pride for us to present our esteemed clients with a comprehensive collection of hybrid Tomato Seeds. These are sourced from known and renowned farmers & processors.
Group: Seeds of tomatoes
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the radish is a root vegetable of the brassicaceae family. The most popular part for eating is the napiform taproot, although the entire plant is edible and the tops can be used as a leaf vegetable. The skin comes in a variety of colours.
Group: Radish garden
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We are engaged in offering a vegetable called Okra that is cultivated using fine quality seed. This vegetable is used to prepare several Indian dishes and is cooked using masalas and other herbs.
Group: Okra
Dolichos Beans Seeds
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The different varieties of beans bred and produced by Indus Seeds are selected for their tenderness and to being fiber free. Bean varieties are either bush type or creeping types.
Group: Vegetable Bean Seeds
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We are engaged in offering highly nutritious variety of fresh cucumbers. It is rich in taste and nutrition and procured from farmers who use only organic fertilizers during the cultivation process.
Group: Seeds of cucumber
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Coriander Seeds are globular and almost round in shape with greenish brown in color and a strong aroma. They form an essential part of the Curry powder & various spices blends in India.
Group: Coriander seed
Chilli Seeds
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We are offering a wide range of Chilli Seeds richa to our valued clients .Our Chilli Seeds are widely demanded by the cultivators and farmers owing to the great harvest with quality Chilies
Group: Seeds of pepper
Onion Seeds
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We are engrossed in the supply of small and matt black grained Onion Seeds. It has a rough surface with an oily white interior. With a nutty, earthy and peppery taste, these seeds have a little odor.
Group: Seeds of onion


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